Monthly Archives: April 2012

Raise A Glass

Where the poet lay in his dying while the secret eyes hidden and spying comes a pilgrim his face in hiding and his spirit with the poet vying for communion with departed muse of tales macabre, in that profuse, from the master and confirmed recluse. Or he, perhaps, only bids adieux. With three flowers of […]

Only Embers

Gray dusk of eventide; shadows blur my vision merging black and white. Formless fog settles in, shrouding thought once clear, blending day with night. What matter? What portent? Where goading, driving need? Love pain hate excitement disdain brushed in a single hue. Familiar pastimes refuse to lend delight. Passions’ fires, not dead, will not burn […]


Another day, another Unique opportunity for you To imprint your special Insight onto our hearts Simply by being More you than us.