This one was composed from the following wordlist: Enchanted – Feeble – Trace – Toward – Intense – Bustle – Assertion – Communion – Crest – Inaudible – Pretentious – Amount – Brawny – Thirst. The challenge was to create a piece using some or all of the words from the list.

Bustle the Feeble

Bustle the Feeble, intense, pretentious
lost in the Enchanted Lore.
Thirst for knowledge unabated,
always looking toward
the Crest of Greatness;
power, glory, inaudible communion.
Forever in an unending amount.

Wizards with words, virile or deceased,
inspire his assertion
that he might sometime coax magic
with trace of letter on
paper. But alas,
thoughts brawny – coarse, unrefined –
do not that magic make.

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