A look back at the innocent days of youth through the tinted (tainted?) perspective of middle age.

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius has passed
into the House of the Rising Sun
sold her diamond Future to the Past
for a cut of same ol’, same ol’ Fun
and the Light of her once shining stars
is now occulted
in the penumbra of Reality
leaving her unable to provide,
or perhaps we unable to perceive,
that golden Utopian existence
we looked for her to disseminate.

Peering back through the smokey haze of Time
and directly into the smokey haze of Thyme
and the red eyes of Barbi and Mary Jane

Emanations of Illumination
with machinations
of on-marching Time and migrations
of the Aging inhabitants of that
carefree presentation of Life
now produce but a
surrealistic Painting
devoid of the Imaginations
that pervaded a once festive Celebration.

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