From a round of fractured fairy tale retelling…

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack was a stoner
sat in his corner
idle most of the time.

Thumb in a socket
got quite a shock, it
caused a hue and a cry.

Pulled out his lighter
candlestick caught fire
had to run for his life.

Climbed up a beanstalk
giant and small talk
man, he must have been high.

Jill and ol’ Jack alone
you know what they done,
smile that won’t hide a lie.

Just a bit later
‘long comes a tater
booze ain’t gettin him by.

Stuck in a pumpkin
she and their dumplin
Jack still making her cry.

He’s out carousin’
she’s home and grousin’
“Mama, I don’t know why.”

Tells her he’s quittin’
Knows it’s bullshit
liv’n his penchant to fly.

Think’s he’s a pilot
needs just a quick hit
prior to touching the sky.

Days become years
of smoke and beers
kissin’ that homelife goodbye.

Jack is long gone
he’s a rolling stone
scratchin’ that itchin’ to fly.

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