This one is an excerpt from the Inn Situ tales—a collection of short stories that explore the condition of being human. The stories seek the fuzzy distinction between reason and psychosis and explore that blurred boundary through humor, depravity and perhaps just a touch of the supernatural.


Never quite a smile though the Madness smirks
from out beyond the light where the Darkness lurks
prying open treasure chests filled with Desolation;
run from hide from Cursed` vile illumination.

Reason chased to shadows while Falseness works
against its soon return and the Blindness shirks
truth for sordid empty Lies of ill consolation.
Healing salve of hope is turned Abomination.

Fleeting thoughts of intellect, Cruelness dirks
so lewdly stab and stab but the Blankness’ dearth
consuls nothing save except ceaseless Ruination;
character and mind just self-Assassination.

Too familiar specter these Foulness quirks
self-torment, favorite of the Deadness’ perks
arming life’s explosives, imploded Demolition;
squalid ravaged psyche cedes Elimination.

Fetid Beast that stalks me o’er hell’s last burgs
sweet song Perverted here to a funeral dirge
gnawing errant daydreams born of Devastation;
Paranoia preying on hallucination.

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