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Never quite a smile though the Madness smirks from out beyond the light where the Darkness lurks prying open treasure chests filled with Desolation; run from hide from Cursed` vile illumination. Reason chased to shadows while Falseness works against its soon return and the Blindness shirks truth for sordid empty Lies of ill consolation. Healing […]

Raise A Glass

Where the poet lay in his dying while the secret eyes hidden and spying comes a pilgrim his face in hiding and his spirit with the poet vying for communion with departed muse of tales macabre, in that profuse, from the master and confirmed recluse. Or he, perhaps, only bids adieux. With three flowers of […]

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack was a stoner sat in his corner idle most of the time. Thumb in a socket got quite a shock, it caused a hue and a cry. Pulled out his lighter candlestick caught fire had to run for his life. Climbed up a beanstalk giant and small talk man, he must have been high. […]