Another day, another Unique opportunity for you To imprint your special Insight onto our hearts Simply by being More you than us.

The Citadel

Empty echoes of my footsteps ’round these halls resound, echo yet. Steps leading not north, east, south, west. Concentric circles, my defense. These walls I’ve built around my heart have been a fortress strong and dark. Too long ‘neath forbidding ramparts, not so lonely, as alone, apart. My defenses are all in place, built through […]

Between Chaos & Clutter

Chaos is one of the old world words embracing nothing yet encompassing everything; its ancient Greek form magically more powerful than today’s distilled, diluted usage. In the old world, chaos confirmed vacant, unfathomable space. Fifteen years in one place creates a tremendous cluster of clutter, more than things to move. Overloaded cardboard containers stacked higher […]