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Only Embers

Gray dusk of eventide; shadows blur my vision merging black and white. Formless fog settles in, shrouding thought once clear, blending day with night. What matter? What portent? Where goading, driving need? Love pain hate excitement disdain brushed in a single hue. Familiar pastimes refuse to lend delight. Passions’ fires, not dead, will not burn […]

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius has passed into the House of the Rising Sun sold her diamond Future to the Past for a cut of same ol’, same ol’ Fun and the Light of her once shining stars is now occulted in the penumbra of Reality leaving her unable to provide, or perhaps we unable to […]

Steel Trees

Concrete paths that never meander Steel trees offering no shade only light to banish the stars country boy never quite familiar with this city's hustle life endless unknown faces all timeless share a single innate desire: I'm only trying to get home. Read the whole piece here…